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Corporate / Message from Honorary President

Abdulkadir KONUKOĞLU

Honorary President

SANKO, after more than a century of history behind it, still manages to maintain its diligence and conviction of those first days as a group. My predecessor, Sani Konukoğlu, his father Zekeriye and the other founders had the same principals in mind when they established the company. I am certain that the future generations will keep the same principles in mind when they take over the business. Having been active in the textile industry for five generations, SANKO diversified its operations in 1990s and began investing in world class, environmentally conscious companies in energy production, construction, packaging, construction & agricultural machinery, information technology, education, real estate development, shopping mall development and food & beverage industries. In all these endeavors, the main focus is the well-being of our clients, our employees our country and the environment. Therefore, as a group, we do our outmost best not to engage in any activity that is not beneficial for the greater good. SANKO is a constantly growing family. We strive to ever expand this family by investing in new areas. We are aware that we owe our success to our clients and our employees and therefore place outmost importance to their satisfaction and welfare. SANKO companies will always be pioneers in their respective fields in terms of their visions, production quality and philosophy. Our aim is to constantly improve our companies in all these aspects and ensure that they are at even better positions when we pass the flag to younger generations.