Tasarımı Kaydet  Kapat


The first seeds of today’s SANKO were planted in 1904 with the acquisition of a few modest hand-looms. Five generations later, the same determination and perseverance of those early days is still apparent today. At the beginning of the 1990’s, SANKO diversified its operations from textile to other industries and thanks to sound management decisions, became the giant Holding company that it is today. SANKO Holding is home to over 14.000 employees with internationally renowned companies in textiles, energy production, construction and construction machinery, packaging, finance, information technology, shopping-mall investment and management, health, and education. 

All SANKO companies pursue a goal of being industry leaders in their respective fields with their vision and production quality. This goal entails constant growth and progress in production techniques, production quality, and an emphasis on increasing the group’s contribution to exports and employment. 

The motto of the founder of the Group Mr. Sani Konukoğlu, “The trick of the trade is honesty” has been the source of inspiration for SANKO Holding’s success.