Honorary President

Our great grandfather, Sani Bey started this journey in 1904 with just 7 hand weaving looms, and now it has become a grand monument with 14,000 employees.

Many wonders how the Konukoğlu family has preserved this achievement for five generations.

With the principle of “The trick is honesty”, together we have worked tirelessly, endlessly, meticulously, by giving it its due, with desire and effort with one goal in mind; to be the best at what we do. God’s blessing and this great effort brought us here.

My late father, Sani Bey used to say; “The greatest asset your grandfather left us was the culture of being a good industrialist and a businessman”.

Our father Sani Bey, who himself was actually the most valuable asset left to us by our grandfather Zekeriya Bey, taught us to be an honest industrialist and a good businessman with social values, as well as leaving us a great legacy.

The secret of our success is to be a pioneer in innovations, to do our job with passion, to “Learn the Subjects with the Story”, that is, to care about the details, to protect our principles, to respect our customs and traditions, to be educated in science and technology and above all, to prioritize our people, and to pursue our dreams with determination.

Now, as we entrust this legacy, which we inherited from our great-grandfather, to you, the youth, who are the assurance of our tomorrow, with peace of mind, our expectation from our dear colleagues, and our children is to keep the love we had in our hearts for our homeland in their hearts, to carry our flag to forward and to keep our efforts forever alive in their success. 

I extend to you my heartfelt wishes for not only success in all your endeavours but also a life enriched with good company, good health, and peace.


Zekeriye Konukoglu, was born in Gaziantep in 1954.

He received his B.Sc. degree in Textile Engineering from Leeds University, UK in 1979.

Between 1979 and 1982 as a young Engineer he managed the Export Division of SANKO Textiles.

He became a board member of the SANKO Group in 1983

He acted as the Group Leader of Corporate Business Development from 1983 to 1994 and became Vice President of the Group.

He was also assigned by the Board to lead the start-up operations of the ISKO Denim Facility in Bursa 1988.  He served as the president of ISKO Denim Facility until 2008.

As Group decided to invest in the Energy sector, he served as the Head of the Energy Group as well as the Vice Chairman of the Sanko Board of Directors between 2005 and 2013.

2014 – 2020 He served as the President of Sanko Holding and since 2021, he is the Honorary Chairman of Sanko Holding.

Zekeriye Konukoğlu is married and has three children.

Membership of National and International Non-Governmental Organizations:

  • Founding Member of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry
  • TOBB (Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges) Textile Assembly Membership
  • TOBB Energy Council Presidency
  • TABA Membership
  • TURMEPA / Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association
  • Gaziantep College Graduates Association Membership