Poligon Construction

Poligon Construction meets the demands of the industry with superior quality standards.

Poligon Construction was established in 1989 to meet demands needs of the industry with superior quality standards. Since it was established, it has been undertaking project preparation, feasibility studies, construction, coordination, maintenance and repair for almost one hundred group companies operating within the organization of SANKO Holding. By making use of the highest technology possible, it carries out the pre-construction works with due diligence and a corporate mindset. It attaches importance to novel ideas and introducing game-changing buildings in order to bring projects, making an indelible impression, into life, and operates with the vision of becoming a global, valuable player.

A Dynamic Staff That is Open to Innovations

It aims to become number one in its industry by combining experiences of its employees who have played an active role in the big investments made within the organization of the company, including construction of Narlı Cement Plant, SANKO Textile Factory and additional buildings, Gaziantep YTONG Factory, administrative management premises, port and pier, airport hangar and Sanibey Dam and HEPP, Tepekışla Dam and HEPP, Cevizlik HEPP, Kalkandere HEPP, Kızılağaç HEPP, Koçlu HEPP, Çatalca WP, Hilal 2 WP, Güney 1 WP, Gazi 9 WP, Akyel 1 and Akyel 2 WP and Salihli GPP, with its young and dynamic staff who are open to innovations and know-how.