One of our primary goals is to leave an environment that can be lived in by the future generations. Accordingly, we continue our works intending to find solutions for such environmental problems as the climate change and the natural resource depletion.

We are aware of the fact that we are responsible for every action we take in the fight against climate change, and we strive to increase environmental awareness of our employees.

As part of our goal towards low carbon and water footprint ecosystem, we continue to make efforts towards measuring the carbon and water footprint of our group.

Organic Cotton Project

Thanks to the “Organic Cotton” project, which we have brought into life in the textile and cotton industry, we continue to tell about the benefits of organic textiles and encourage clothing brands to make use of organic cotton to raise awareness.

Efficient and Effective

We aim to make use of the energy we need in an efficient and effective manner by ensuring that the energy we generate is close to the energy we consume in our plants, and we strive to improve this target every year.

While we operate, we make investments in reduction of the emissions and the use of fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Sources

We do our part to help Turkey achieve its goal of meeting two-thirds of its energy need by means of the renewable energy. Operating in the energy industry, SANKO Energy Group provides contribution to reduction of the carbon emissions through the energy it generates with a total installed power of approximately 1000 MW, which entirely consists of the renewable energy sources, and makes investments and carries out operations with a focus on the technology and efficiency.