TEKNOFEST Main Sponsorship

SANKO Holding is one of the main sponsors of Teknofest, the world’s biggest aerospace festival, and maintains its supports for young people, who will light our future with technology projects.

Within the scope of the Environment and Energy Technologies competition, it is aimed to create a culture of use of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency in the society, to raise awareness on efficiency and environment issues and to develop innovative and technological ideas.

The projects are evaluated by a jury consisting of academicians and SANKO Energy Group engineers who are experts in their fields.
Ideas of thousands of students have competed in the ‘Environmental and Energy Technologies Competition’ held by SANKO Holding.

Ancient City of Zeugma Excavation Sponsorship

SANKO is “bringing the past and the future together.”

We are proud to have contributed to the rescue of the unique mosaics by sponsoring the rescue excavations initiated to prevent the unique mosaics in the Ancient City of Zeugma from being submerged under water.

Adopting the principle of protecting the common cultural heritage of humanity as a principle, we have contributed to the rescue of many historical artefacts during the excavations in the Ancient City of Zeugma.

We also sponsored the book Belkis- Zeugma and Mosaics prepared by Mehmet Önal, Deputy Manager of Gaziantep Archaeological Museum, archaeologists Fatma Bulgan, Hamza Güllüce, Ahmet Beyazlar and museum researchers Burhan Balcıoğlu and Taner Atalay, and edited by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rifat Ergeç, in order to take a note of the history of Zeugma. 

Ancient City of Carchemish Excavation Sponsorship

We attach great importance to supporting projects that will reveal the historical heritage of our country. Behind our support for the Carchemish excavations is our sensitivity to protect this historical heritage and to transfer this heritage to future generations in the right way.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and in cooperation with Gaziantep Governorate, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul University, Gaziantep University and University of Bologna, we, as SANKO Holding, have been continuing our support since 2015 for the archaeological excavations carried out by the Turkish-Italian committee in the ancient city of Carchemish, an archaeological treasure. We support excavation, conservation and research activities.

In the ancient city of Carchemish, one of the most important ancient cities of the world, which has a very high value for the protection of cultural heritage in the Gaziantep region and carrying it to the future, finds were found, each of which will mirror history from a different perspective.

Poligon Construction, our Group company, has completed a special roof covering that protects the ancient city with a sensitive work without touching the locations and texture of the existing historical artifacts.

The project, which organized by the Universities of Bologna, Gaziantep and Istanbul, together with many other participants, was carried out under the Chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Nicolò Marchetti (University of Bologna), Vice Chairmanship of Assoc. Prof. Hasan Peker (Istanbul University), and scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Refik Duru, Prof. Dr. Belkis Dincol and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özakca. This was an event that the archaeological community and the interested public had been waiting for almost a century, after the site had not been researched or visited since it became a military outpost in 1920. The shared project takes a holistic approach to research, conservation and presentation: It envisages a comprehensive study of the Bronze, Iron Age and Roman urban layout and the preservation of the remains at the same time, taking into account touristic development.

National Para Archer Yiğit Caner Aydın Main Sponsorship

As SANKO Holding, we are proud to sponsor World Champion Yiğit Caner Aydın on the 100th anniversary of the Republic. We give priority to projects that contribute especially to young people in education, culture and arts and sports. By expanding our support to sports with our vision of supporting sports, athletes and the success of young people, we have become the main sponsor of the future activities of Para National Archer Yiğit Caner Aydın, who has world championships and numerous gold medals in his career.

Gaziantep Sports Club Jersey Sponsorship

We have been supporting the team of our city with our brands through jersey sponsorship for 35 years. Our brands Cimko and Maisonette have their names emblazoned on the jerseys of Gaziantep Football Club in the new season.