Founded in 1993, Super Film is one of the world’s leading, innovative packaging film manufacturers, producing various packaging films under one roof with high quality without compromising its respect for its environment, employees and customers. Adopting the Reduce / Recycle / Reuse goals, Super Film is laying the foundations of a new plastic economy with this strategy.

Super Film, the leading flexible packaging film manufacturer in Europe

Super Film, the leading flexible packaging film manufacturer in Europe, ensures production of a wide range of packaging films under a single roof with an installed capacity of 124.000 tons of flexible packaging film.

In addition to its current capacity, it will reach an installed capacity of 185,000 tons of flexible packaging film with the recent investment in BOPP line to be put into service in 2024. Adapting Reduce / Recycle / Reuse as its goal, Super Film lays the foundations of a new plastics economy with this strategy.

Sustainable Packaging Designs

Super Film develops sustainable packaging designs and brings several new projects into life to introduce the flexible packaging it produces to the circular economy. It aims to introduce sustainable novelty products to the Turkish industry to optimize packaging designs.

Adopting circular economy principles, Super Film accelerates the studies on flexible packaging product life cycle in line with the targets of waste collection, separation and recycling, and observes the “Design for Circular Economy” guidelines, as a stakeholder of the CEFLEX consortium working to improve the flexible packaging performance in European circular economy.