SANKO Organized A Movie Festival For The Children Affected By The Earthquake

SANKO Holding organized a “Movie Festival for Children” program within the scope of supportive trainings, social events and activities for children affected by the earthquake in Adiyaman to return to social life.

In the event organized by SANKO Holding for the children staying in SANKO Textile Adiyaman Container Living Area, 450 children had a pleasant time with the movie screening of “Kral Sakir”, supportive trainings and social-scientific activities.

SANKO Park Shopping Mall, teachers and students from SANKO Schools and volunteers from T3 Foundation also supported the event hosted by SANKO Textile Adiyaman Enterprises.

Psychologist Mehmetcan Aslan from SANKO University Hospital said that the event was very useful for the psychological normalization of children.

Mr. Aslan, who also works in SANKO Textile Adiyaman Container Living Area, stated that children expressed many problems through the games they played and said, “Such activities are important in terms of eliminating the psychological damage experienced after the earthquake.”.

Stating that children and parents affected by the earthquake were distracted from the earthquake psychology to some extent, Aslan said, “We need to ensure the psychological normalization of individuals affected by the earthquake through activities.”.