SANKO Hosted a Special Press Gathering for the 120th Anniversary

SANKO Holding, carrying its deep-rooted heritage into the future with continuous investments, invited economy journalists from national newspapers and magazines to Gaziantep hosted by the Chairman of the Board Adil Sani Konukoğlu, as part of the 120th anniversary celebrations.

During the program, SANKO shared information about its 120 years of success story, its journey of production from past to present and its social & cultural activities. Speaking to journalists, Chairman of the Board Adil Sani Konukoğlu began by expressing respect to senior family members, saying, “As we celebrate our 120th anniversary, I am grateful to our ancestors.” He continued, “Founded by our great grandfather Sani Bey in 1904 with textile production in Gaziantep, carried forward by the unforgettable efforts of our grandmother Hatice Hanım and our grandfather Zekeriye Bey, SANKO transformed into a global group of companies under the visionary leadership of our father Sani Konukoğlu, Holding continues its journey today as a family business where the 5 siblings work together, believing in the strength of unity.”

He emphasized SANKO’s commitment to contributing to the Turkish economy and employment by continuing to offer what they have gained from these lands back again to Türkiye and our people. Regarding sustainability, as a prominent topic nowadays, he noted, “Our company is the epitome of sustainability. Inspired by our father Sani Konukoğlu’s saying, ‘A facility that does not renew itself, renews its owner!’, we constantly update the company with a focus on digitalization and technological transformation. In other words, we embrace sustainability as a business model.”

Sharing the happiness of reaching 120th year anniversary with journalists, SANKO Holding today, with its SANKO family of 14.000 employees, it operates in 11 different sectors, primarily textiles, and makes investments while providing employment. In addition to textiles, the company is among Türkiye’s largest producers in packaging, cement and renewable energy sectors.

SANKO Holding Chairman of the Board Adil Sani Konukoğlu, speaking to journalists, emphasized, “We are determined to continue our stable growth as a group of companies born in Gaziantep, expanding its reach across Turkey and globally. For 120 years, we have never given up on our passion to produce and invest for Türkiye. We have an investment program of approximately 300 million dollars for 2024. This year, we plan to invest around 65 million dollars in textiles, 90 million dollars in energy, 50 million dollars in packaging, 40 million dollars in cement and 35 million dollars in the port sector. Technology, innovation and R&D issues take priority in our investment plans. We allocate approximately 1.2 percent of our annual turnover to R&D investments.”

During the 120th anniversary special press tour, SANKO Textile facilities, which is one of the world’s leading yarn & fabric manufacturers and has one of the largest solar panel energy systems in its sector, and Super Film facilities, the world’s and Europe’s leading flexible packaging film producer, were visited. SANKO Textile General Manager Gökhan Aydın and Super Film Packaging General Manager Fahri Özer gave detailed information about the sectors. SANKO Holding also announced at this meeting that it aims to be a pioneer in the global and local market in recycled fiber production with the “RE&UP” technology developed as a result of its own R&D studies of more than 10 years. Operating with recycled fiber facilities in Gaziantep and Bursa, RE&UP stands out as a revolutionary new generation technology initiative that transforms textile waste into quality, sustainable and ready-to-use recycled raw materials.

Operating with the awareness of being a responsible manufacturer exporting to more than 100 countries, SANKO Holding continues its activities in cooperation with its stakeholders by prioritizing contributing to society and the environment. With its commitment to providing a sustainable life for future generations, the company shapes its work around combating environmental and social challenges such as climate change, depletion of natural resources and social inequalities. Resolutely advancing in line with its goals within the scope of the Green Deal, SANKO Holding aims to increase energy efficiency, reduce its carbon footprint and apply circular economy principles in order to achieve its set goals.

With its social responsibility vision that aims to contribute to the welfare and beautiful future of the society, SANKO Holding gives priority to projects that support especially young people in education, health, culture & arts and sports.

The Holding, which has built 25 schools and transferred them to the Ministry of National Education through the Sani Konukoğlu Foundation, which was established in 1989, has also provided scholarship opportunities to more than 25 thousand students. Nearly 4 thousand students have received education at SANKO University, which was established in 2013 with the aim of improving the quality in the field of health and becoming a reference university. SANKO University Hospital, which started operating in 1996, is one of the largest healthcare institutions in our country with a capacity of 600 beds under one roof. By closely following the developments in the medical world, the first heart surgery in the region was performed at Sanko University Hospital. The first IVF Center of the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region was established at SANKO University Hospital in 2001.

In the special press tour held within the scope of the 120th anniversary of SANKO Holding, journalists had the opportunity to listen to the achievements of Private SANKO Schools in the fields of science, sports and arts, with the participation of their internationally award-winning students, hosted by SANKO Schools General Manager Fırat Mümtaz Asyalı. A conversation was held with the students that touched the audience.

On the other hand, SANKO Holding builds a bridge between the past and the future with the understanding of “Those who do not protect their past have no future.” It protects the common cultural values ​​of humanity by contributing to large-scale cultural heritage projects that reflect important firsts for Türkiye. SANKO Holding, which has sponsored the rescue excavations initiated to prevent the unique mosaics in the Zeugma Ancient City from being submerged, has been working with the Turkish Republic since 2015. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; Gaziantep Governorship, in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul University, Gaziantep University and Bologna University, supports the excavations carried out in the Ancient City of Carchemish, an archaeological treasure, within the framework of conservation and restoration.

In the last part of the 120th anniversary press tour; a special interview titled ‘A Fascinating Trace of Human History: Carchemish Kingdom and Archaeological Park’ was held at Zeugma Mosaic Museum, moderated by Pelin Çift. In the interview, Head of Carchemish Mound Excavations, Prof. Dr. Nicolò Marchetti, Carchemish Mound Excavation Coordinator President Prof. Dr. Hasan Peker and Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Deputy Dean Assoc. Aliye Erol gave a speech.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who was among the guests during the interview, shared that the Carchemish Ancient City will be opened in July and drew attention to the importance of the project for Gaziantep. She expressed her gratitude to SANKO for supporting the excavations in Zeugma and now Carchemish, and emphasized the impact of the Konukoğlu family on the city with initiatives that enrich urban life such as hospitals, schools and universities.