SANKO Real Estate

Thanks to its experience and competence, SANKO Holding continues to grow in the construction and real estate industry.

SANKO Gayrimenkul deals with “selling, marketing and renting” of all the real estates of SANKO Group, as well as “improvement and transformation” of lands and existing real estates, and “maintenance and operation” of buildings and facilities.


SANKO Park Mall, the largest shopping mall in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region that is located in the city center with an indoor space of 126,837 m2 and approximately 55,760 m2 of leasable area, has brought dynamism to the economy and social life of Gaziantep. 

With visitors from surrounding cities and neighboring countries, the number of monthly visitors of SANKO Park Shopping Mall reaches about one million. In addition to the indoor parking lot with a capacity of 1,200 vehicles, SANKO Park Shopping Mall welcomes its visitors with Vale Park with a capacity of 50 vehicles and offers its visitors privileged services. 

SANKO Art Gallery in SANKO Park Shopping Mall is the first private art gallery in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. SANKO Park Mall offers its visitors miscellaneous services with Avsar Sinemalari serving on an area of 3.389 m2 with 10 movie houses, and Mars Athletic Club, a fully-equipped gym serving on an area of 1.600 m2 for those for who sports is an integral part of life.


Established in 1989, Temko A.S., as the corporate investor of the real estate portfolio of 1 million m2 held by SANKO Group, carries out development, transformation, sales, marketing, leasing, maintenance and operation activities.

The real estate portfolio consists of lands, plant premises for investment, business centers, office buildings, warehouses, residential projects and shopping malls. The regions of real estate investments include Europe, USA and primarily in Turkey.