SANKO University

Founded in 2013 and continuing its educational activities with its strong academic and administrative staff and students as 2 Faculties, 1 Institute and 1 Vocational School on 2 campuses, SANKO University continues to grow.

The future is at SANKO University!

SANKO University, a thematic university specialized in the field of health; Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences (Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and Nursing Programs), Vocational School of Health Services (First and Emergency Aid, Medical Imaging Techniques, Operating Room Services and Anesthesia Programs) and Institute of Postgraduate Education (Nursing Master’s Degree with Thesis) for those who want to do a master’s degree, Molecular Medicine Master’s Degree with Thesis, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s Degree with Thesis, Nutrition and Dietetics Master’s Degree with Thesis, Biological and Biomedical Sciences Master’s Degree with Thesis, Medical Microbiology Master’s Degree with Thesis Programs) and Biostatistics Doctorate Program.

SANKO University’s Faculty of Health Sciences Nutrition and Dietetics and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Programs were awarded national accreditation certificates.

SANKO University, with its understanding of service to humanity, under the leadership of its strong academic staff from different schools with a developed sense of social responsibility, researcher, productive, innovative, competent and competent in national and international platforms with application areas based on advanced technology, taking into account the needs of the region and the country in the field of health, educates qualified health professionals of the future.